Little Dark One

K.J. Brookes

SRL Publishing



ISBN: 9781838279806


Publication date: 6 July 2021

Rights: WorldAudioTranslation



Claire Becker was approaching her twenty-eighth birthday on the night she was killed. Her tragic passing, somewhat poignantly, came hours after finding the truth about what really happened to her family, all those years ago.

The precise events of Christmas Day, 1997, would remain a mystery to Claire until the last hours of her life. All those involved that night have a story to tell, and Claire is dead set on uncovering the truth.

After seeing her cousin’s face in the paper, Claire sets out on a journey of self-discovery back to her native Scotland. Along the way, she meets the mysterious stranger, Kieran, who takes an unlikely interest in helping her. The man’s name, Claire later discovers, is Gaelic for ‘Little Dark One’.

While this man with the mysterious past helps Claire find out her own buried truths, disturbing details involving his own past come to light and his shadowy motives start to become clear. As it happens, Kieran also has a vested interest in the events of that Christmas and maybe he’s not as innocent in all this as he at first appears – he is after all the Little Dark One

K.J. Brookes

K. J. Brookes lives with his wife Amanda and their dog George in the town of Perth in Scotland. He tried his hand at numerous pursuits over the years (including accounting and modelling), before finally setting on a love for writing. Like many of the great stories that’ve been written in the past, the ideas he has for books come from dreams. The night he dreamt up Tom Woolberson, he awoke in the morning and furiously started scribbling, before the dream could vanish forever to that place where all spent dreams go. He advises anyone who would like to turn their own dream into a book, to push on through the writers’ block, and never let anyone tell you that it can’t be done.