Know your own Darkness

Howard Robinson

Venetia Jackson (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781908600837


Publication date: 28 November 2020

Rights: World



It’s been thirty years since they witnessed the accidental drowning of their friend. Those who were present – now parents themselves – have begun to receive messages claiming to be from the boy who died.

The troubling notes become more alarming when a child disappears.

Time is running out for Detective Inspector Jack Munday as he balances the sensitive case alongside personal problems and a demanding new superior officer.

In the maelstrom of head-versus-heart, one thing is certain; whoever is sending the messages wants revenge.

Howard Robinson

In his writing, Howard Robinson enjoys taking ordinary people and placing them in extraordinary situations and playing around with the way they would respond. He says it brings out the megalomaniac in him.

His Modern History degree taught him the importance of structure in writing and of exploring language and his long career in PR has given him the opportunity to write on the broadest possible range of subjects from car paintshops to nuts and bolts.

But essentially, Howard tries to create stories he would enjoy reading, to explore situations and emotions safely within the confines of the page. He aims to create worlds and characters with whom readers can identify and sympathise.

He lives in London with his wife.