K.M.S. Latham

Illustrated by Carolyn Pavey

Beachy Books



ISBN: 9781913894092


Publication date: 2 June 2023

Rights: World



‘Ancient local legend meets a modern-day tale of migrants in this story of courage and new-found friendship…Often rhythmic and onomatopoeic, K.M.S. Latham’s Ink tells an atmospheric, adventure- packed mystery story of courage and friendship as a mythical monster of the deep, dark sea unites three children…’ — Joanne Owen, Editorial Expert at LoveReading4Kids

‘This story is a thrilling adventure that skillfully weaves the ancient and modern, mixing the challenges of our times with a classic monster mystery. With as many twists as a kraken’s tentacles, children will be gripped by this tale!’ — Dan Green, Editor of The Week Junior Science + Nature

INK is a tale of adventure, bravery and friendship. It is a chapter book that would appeal to readers of 7 to 9+ years.

Finlay sees a mysterious shape under the surface of the sea and is convinced it is a local legend come to life, an enormous sea monster that haunts the shores. When a migrant boat goes missing, Finlay and his best friend Jack promise to help a survivor, a young girl called Aya who speaks no English, to find her family and to prove the existence of the monster in doing so. The three young friends risk their lives out on the ink-black sea, in the hunt for The Devil of the Deep Dark Sea.

K.M.S. Latham

Katherine Latham (pen name K. M. S. Latham) is a children’s and non-fiction author, published by Walker Books and Summersdale Publishing. Her upcoming cornish sea monster adventure for young readers is to be published by Beachy Books in 2023.

Katherine is a journalist who writes about science, environment and society for the BBC, the Guardian, The Week Junior Science + Nature and more.

Katherine enjoys messing about in the sea, running and yoga. She lives in a little village between the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley with her husband, three children, dog, cat and chickens.

 Author portrait © Tom Latham