Hullabaloo at Camp Croak!

Taylor Dolan

Guppy Books



ISBN: 9781913101138


Publication date: 1 March 2021



The second book in the wild and wicked series about Lexie Wilde and her merry band of ghost scouts!

It’s Visitor’s Weekend at Camp Croak and Lexie Wilde and her band of Ghost Scout friends are looking forward to seeing their families. But when Grams doesn’t appear, and instead someone claiming to be Lexie’s mother arrives, Lexie doesn’t know what to think. And when a Wish Wind suddenly flies through camp, causing chaos and mayhem, the scouts must use their best skills and badges to unravel the chaos that ensues. It most certainly is a hullabaloo at Camp Croak! GHOST SCOUTS UNITE! Raise your paws and show some claws!

Taylor Dolan

Grown-ups are scared ALL THE TIME! This book is not for them. It’s for YOU!

Lexie Wilde is having a rollicking time at Camp Croak with her ghoulish pals Bebe, Sweet Boo and Emmy Loulou. That is until the smarmy scouts from Happy Hollow issue a deadly ancient challenge. If the Ghost Scouts lose, their beloved camp will be destroyed… Lexie must summon all her courage to defeat the wicked Euphemia Vile and her crew. But watch out, the malicious Whispering Snakes are loose! Could working together be the answer?