How to be a Tarot Card (or a Teenager)

Jennifer A. McGowan

Arachne Press

B format Paperback


ISBN: 9781913665647


Publication date: 27 October 2022



Taking one of the major Arcana of Tarot as the starting point for each of the poems, Jennifer A McGowan explores the joys and angst of adolescence, her father’s falling out with the military, and many other themes in between.

Jennifer A. McGowan

Jennifer A. McGowan lives in Oxfordshire. Despite being certified as disabled with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome at age 16, she became a semi-professional mime and performed in five countries till the disability became too much. More recently she has worked as researcher, editor, and writer for a strategic management company. She has taught both under- and postgraduates at several universities, in subjects as varied as English, history, and heritage studies. Jennifer’s first full collection With Paper for Feet was published by Arachne Press. Her poems have appeared in many literary journals on both sides of the Atlantic, including The Connecticut Review, Pank, The Rialto, Poetry Salzburg, Acumen, and Agenda; her chapbooks, Life in Captivity and Sounding are available from Finishing Line Press. Still Lives with Apocalypse (Prolebooks)won the Prole pamphlet competition in 2020, and Jennifer won the Scottish Mountain Writing competition the same year. Her work has been anthologised in many places including Arachne Press’ The Other Side of Sleep, and No Spider Harmed in the Making of this Book. Her songs have been recorded on several labels. Both Jennifer’s  full collections,  With Paper for Feet  and How to be a Tarot Card (or a Teenager) are published by Arachne Press.