Happy Ending Not Guaranteed

Liam Hogan

Arachne Press

B format Paperback


ISBN: 9781909208360


Publication date: 6 April 2017



‘Deliciously Twisted’ In the realms of fantasy, it is foolish to upset the wee folk. Downright dangerous to incur the curse of a witch. And above all, it is perilous to ignore a warning. Happy Ending Not Guaranteed Contains 27 stories of dark fantasy, from chess-playing automatons to smooth-talking Celtic faeries; from the Longitude Act of 1714 to the End of the World (in fractal form). Bad Kings, bad demons, and bad days abound. There is humour even in darkness. You just have to look harder for it.

Liam Hogan

Liam Hogan was abandoned in a library at the tender age of 3, only to emerge blinking into the sunlight many years later, with a head full of words and an aversion to loud noises. He’s a Liar and co-host of the award winning monthly literary event, Liars’ League, and winner of Quantum Shorts 2015 and Sci-Fest LA’s Roswell Award 2016. He lives in London, tweets at @LiamJHogan and dreams in Dewey Decimals.