S J Bradley

Dead Ink



ISBN: 9781911585053


Publication date: 27 July 2017



Samhain is a young, angry and bewildered squatter living in an abandoned hotel in the North of England. One day he receives a message: his father – a man he never knew – was an undercover policeman infiltrating the Green movement of the 80s. What’s more, he finds out that he too is now a father.

As Sam leaves for Europe, he pursues freedom and flees from his responsibilities. Responsibility, however, is hard to escape. Guest is a story of disillusionment, protest and, eventually, redemption.

SJ Bradley is a writer from Leeds and one of the organisers behind Fictions of Every Kind. She won the Willesden Herald Short Story Prize and was shortlisted for the Gladstone Writers in Residency Award. Her debut novel, Brick Mother, was published by Dead Ink in 2014.

S J Bradley

SJ Bradley is a writer of short fiction and has published two novels. Her work as an arts organiser involves the non-profit literary social Fictions of Every Kind (now in its 7th year), The Northern Short Story Festival (now in its 2nd year) and the Walter Swan Short Story Prize. She is also a teacher of creative writing including a previous short story writing course for Comma Press. She was writer in residence for First Story in Leeds East White Rose Academies Trust during academic year 16-17.