Hugo Jackson

Katie Hofgard (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781908600530


Publication date: 23 September 2016

Rights: World



“The shadows are coming.”

Months after the tremors that shook the world, repercussions of battle still lie in Xayall’s broken streets. Among the debris stands Bayer, former bodyguard to Faria, Empress of the city state. His position redundant, and his injuries still healing, he struggles to find new purpose.

Unrest between nations is already stirring. A Councillor from Andarn has been murdered, and only a handful realise that sinister machinations are blackening the root of the whole continent. Questioning his duties, Bayer finds himself escorting Captain Alaris on a mission from which neither may return, although their failure may spark a brutal and catastrophic war.

As blades rise, threats both new and old emerge from the darkness and bare their teeth at the world…


Once again set in the world of Eeres, Hugo delves deep into the hearts and minds of those within the story, revealing the strengths even they are reluctant to acknowledge. Fast-paced, but with breathing room for wonderfully developed characters, and the promise of hope vanquishing hate, this piece of fantasy deserves to be on the shelf of young and old readers alike. Told with an authentic, engaging voice through the eyes of multiple creatures, Fracture tells the story of personal, emotional and literal journeys to confront the past for the sake of the future.

Hugo Jackson

Hugo is a British-born author living in North Carolina. They began life as a starry-eyed creature with a fascination for fantastical adventures, heroes, and animals, and invested as much time in their own imagination as they did on animations, video games, and music.

In 2012 Hugo moved to the United States to live with their wife Madison, who is a native to North Carolina, where they both enjoy as much barbecue and biscuits as health will reasonably allow, and together dote over a lovely corgi-cross named Tohru. In their spare time, Hugo is heavily involved with the furry fandom, standing as an advocate for LGBT+ rights, mental health awareness, inclusion, and artist/author visibility and fair treatment.