For the Good of All

David Willocks

Istros Books



ISBN: 9781912545834


Publication date: 11 October 2022



For the Good of All is a book for our time – a time where we need a greater understanding of our bodily and emotional needs, as well as of our place in a globalised world where health has become a major issue. Since the beginnings of civilization, humans have relied on and respected the earth and its bounty, understanding that the energy of nature sustains and protects us when we live in balance. The aim of this succinct handbook is to encourage us to take an active role in our own well-being by bringing together the basics of good nutrition, mindfulness and vibrational medicine.

Here you will find simple advice about diet and fitness, along with explorations of the more spiritual side of healing involving auras, meridian lines and the chakra system (our personal energy fields), ley lines (the earth’s energy fields) and the energetic signatures of all that exists (the vibrational makeup of material and intangible phenomena which we tap into as we dowse). Everything contained in these pages has been composed, explained and published for the good of all. It is the first title of a new imprint that was inspired by and conceived by the work of David Willocks in New Zealand – mimosa books, named after the second star of the Southern Cross, a constellation beloved of the peoples of that nation and region.