Fall From Grace

Matthew Munson

Lucy Lindsell (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781908600493


Publication date: 23 October 2015

Rights: World



“It’s time for Heaven to become a democracy.”

Since leaving his calling in the priesthood and saying goodbye to the church, Paul’s life has gone from bad to worse. But now, his inability to hold down a job is the least of his problems.

He and his friends, sceptic extraordinaire Joseph and academic psychologist Lauren, are thrown headfirst into a celestial war that has raged on for two millennia. As a secret plot begins to unravel, the fate of thousands lies in their hands.

To put things right, the three of them must venture into the Heavenly Ruling Chamber alongside those who started the rebellion two thousand years ago – and survive coming face to face with the Almighty himself.

Fall from Grace speaks about faith, loss, friendship and the truths we all seek.

Matthew Munson

Matthew Munson lives in Thanet on the north Kent coast, a stone’s throw from the sea. Although, knowing Matthew as we do, he’d need several attempts at throwing the stone, as the first attempts would miss.

When not writing, Matthew is a disability and sexuality advocate. He focuses specifically on “invisible” disabilities such as dyspraxia through T2D, the charity he co-founded, and on the asexuality spectrum.