Death in the Museum of Modern Art

Alma Lazarevska

Translated by Celia Hawkesworth

Istros Books



ISBN: 9781908236173


Publication date: 30 June 2014



A tender and revealing set of stories by the uniquely delicate Bosnian writer, Alma Lazarevska. Avoiding the easy traps of politics and blame, Lazarevska reveals a world full of incidents and worries so similar to our own, and yet always under the shadow of the snipers and the bombs which we know are out there and who occasionally impinge on the story in shocking ways.

”Lazarevska’s intelligence and imagination in Death in the Museum of Modern Art make it a brilliant, engaging work of fiction”Aleksandar Hemon

“I believe that one writer is already great, and if not [already] great, will be great—Alma Lazarevska… for with a few metaphors, tremendously powerful ones, she says it all…”Abdulah Sidran