Chocolate Cake for Imaginary Lives: a collection of short stories – Hardback

Genevieve Jenner

Deixis Press



ISBN: 9781838498788


Publication date: 21 March 2022

Rights: World



“We all have imaginary lives and if we are lucky we have a dish to go with them…”

So begins the title story of Genevieve Jenner’s debut short story collection a ground-breaking anthology of magical realist food writing.

A Russian countess finds herself making borscht for her socialist Parisian neighbours; unknown office colleagues secretly exchange lunchtime delicacies and recipes via the work fridge; steak is cooked at midnight on a Friday to get around Catholic proscriptions; and a thrilling sexual awakening descends into a metaphor of tired sandwiches and squashed fruit.

Chocolate Cake for Imaginary Lives is a book that the sexiest celebrity chef you can think of would take to read in bed cackling in private recognition-but not just because it’s about the role of food at the centre of our lives. It’s also about the place of women in the world the messiness of life and the joy of snatched moments in the midst of chaos. With a wit and frankness that combines vulnerability and strength all wrapped up in a package of stories that speak right to the soul Genevieve Jenner writes about real and imaginary lives with poignance and authenticity.

Genevieve Jenner

When Genevieve Jenner was six years old, she liked to play dress up and write stories, and she wanted to be a mermaid. She has finally accepted that being a mermaid isn’t the most secure career option, but the other two things have remained constant.