Byways: fiction and poetry on foot


Cherry Potts (editor)

Arachne Press

B format Paperback


ISBN: 9781913665876


Publication date: 20 March 2024



Byways, an anthology of stories and poems from across the UK and elsewhere, exploring the urban shortcuts, well-trodden meanders, ancient pathways, hillside and field paths. The public and the secret ways that take us away from the crowds and out of our vehicles. Mainly in English but including a handful of poems in Welsh (with translation), join us off the beaten track. Arachne Press has a track record (pun intended) of publishing what academics call psychogeography, but we call well-routed. We also have history with climate concern. We combine the two here, offering drama and solace from experiencing the world at the slow pace of a walk, whether the short cut to the chippy, or an all day hike in the hills. from Adele Evershed, Amelia Foster, Angela Arnold, Annemarie Cooper, Annie Kissack, Attalea Rose, Cath Humphris, Des Mannay, Diana Powell, Eabhan Ní Shuileàbhain, Em Gray, Gloria Heffernan, Gregory McGreevy, Gwyn Parry, Heather Lane, Helen Campbell, Jane McLaughlin, Jeff Phelps, Jonah Corren, Josie Levin, Judith Mikesch-McKenzie, Katie Harrison, Katie Margaret Hall, Kelly Davis, Laura Besley, Lisa Farrell, Lizzie Lovejoy, Mab Jones, Maddie Price, Marcus Smith, Michael Shann, Michelle Penn, Mitzi Dorton, Nicholas McGaughey, Phil Wood, Raymond Luczak, Rhys Owain Williams, Ros Woolner, Sara Louise Wheeler, Seth Crook, Simon Chandler, Sue Burge, Sue Moules, Thea Smiley