Bad Blood

R.D. Nixon

Hobeck Books



ISBN: 9781915817068


Publication date: 14 February 2023

Rights: World



Abergarry, Scotland, 1998, two deaths, the brutal murder of an art dealer and an apparently unrelated woman is strangled at home. The year 2019, a friend of the woman is spotted. The woman’s daughter suspects him of being involved in her mother’s murder. She engages Clifford and Mackenzie to reopen the case and the past, with fatal consequences.

R.D. Nixon

R.D. Nixon is the crime-writing pen-name of Terri Nixon, hybrid author of The Oaklands Manor trilogy, the Penhaligon Saga, the Fox Bay Saga, Pencarrack, and The Lynher Mill Chronicles. She also co-writes Children of Sinai, a series of archaeological thrillers, with Shelley Clarke, as half of Clarke Nixon. As R.D, she has written a 3-part Scottish crime saga for Hobeck Books: The Clifford-Mackenzie Crime Series, which also features an introductory novella: The Macnab Principle. She has lived in the West Country all her life, and works at the University of Plymouth.