Arctic Diaries

Melissa Davies

Arachne Press

B format Paperback


ISBN: 9781913665746


Publication date: 27 April 2023



When the fisherman dies Fleinvær stories spill out/ silver strings, like guts from a spring catch./ But between these pages they survive.// The Arctic Diaries chart generations of the characters, myths and misremembered details that make up the oral traditions of a windswept archipelago in Norway’s far north. Created over a single arctic winter, using stories gathered from the last surviving fisherman of Langholmen, this collection of poems are part history, part field notes, exploring what role the outsider plays in preserving the experience of another.

Melissa Davies

Based in the north of England, MelissaDavies is a poet writing about both the Norwegian and Lakeland landscapes, asking who gets to speak for them and why? As well as her own creative practice, Melissa works with local communities to create collage poems which have been displayed in National Trust woodland, high street restaurants and shopping centres.