Ammonia Sunrise

Aske Hyldborg Jensen

sincere corkscrew



ISBN: 9781915049254


Publication date: 8 January 2024

Rights: UK & Ireland



From the Danish artist Aske Hyldborg Jensen, “Ammonia Sunrise” reads like Barthesian dispatches from another dimension. In the form of prose-poems and poem-poems, Jensen details strange turns of the mind — melting into a world weirder than thought — with humour, playfulness and grotesquerie.

“Digital and bodily. ‘Ammonia Sunrise’ is dealing with the endless entanglements of the symbioscene, where trauma and memory become dreams, become frogs, become landscapes become us become pixels. The work is as empathetic as it is distant. As humorous as it is gore-ish. It sticks to your memory like shoe-goo™, with the smell of motor oil and soap and the sound of a frog croak. Entering is not impossible, tech is required. Mould patterns as decorations of our church, sacred paintings for refuge- seeking rodents. Dreams are true down there, undiscovered and hidden.”

– Victor Bengtsson, visual artist

“‘Ammonia Sunrise’ uplifts a series of selves without clear boundaries, where the environments of cliffs, frogs, styrofoam, goo, and silverfish swim with human embodiment and wonder… here is hybridity in form mirroring hybridity in the restlessness of our living archive, in all of its plurality and density, constantly rupturing.”

– Kirsty Dunlop, Editor-in-Chief of SPAM Press

Aske Hyldborg Jensen

Aske Hyldborg Jensen is a visual artist. He has lived in Amsterdam, London and Copenhagen, where he currently resides. Ammonia Sunrise is his first book.