These Bones Will Rise Again

Panashe Chigumadzi

Read by Chipo Kureya

Spiracle Audiobooks & The Indigo Press


Extent: 3:40:00

Audiobook ISBN: SPI-E-IND-00001

RRP: £12

Publication date: 1 July 2022


This audiobook is co-published with The Indigo Press.

A lyrical yet powerful book, Chigumadzi combines her very personal experiences and those of her family with an incisive stance on the history and politics of Zimbabwe. ‘Zimbabwe has had many versions of history’, she writes, and this double-stranded narrative prompts us to rethink these histories and indeed the very idea of history itself.

Chipo Kureya’s reading enacts a mediumship all of its own, beginning and ending with song because it is through music – along with stories, spirit mediums and language itself – that the dead speak through the living, that they ‘tell the living what they should know about the past, present and future’ and so enable a vision of a different future.

Cover: Jonathan Hodgson