The following rules govern the operation of the Indie Press Network and the expected conduct of those within it.

  1. Members agree to pay the annual non-refundable fee of £20 in advance of joining the Network, and on the 1st January every year, which fee shall cover the calendar year. Members are encouraged to set up payment so that the fee is remitted automatically. Members who have not paid on the date shall receive one reminder to do so before the month ends, but failure to do so by 31st January exempts the member from entering the profit share for that year. The annual fee may need to increase from time to time, but such changes will come with as much warning as possible.
  2. Members joining part way through the year may choose to pay a pro rata fee for that year (e.g. if joining in July, a member could pay just £10 for the current year), but members paying in this way will be exempt from the profit share for that year.
  3. Members agree to behave towards one another in a respectful manner. If any member feels they have been mistreated by another member they may report it via the contact form, or by email. In extreme cases membership may be revoked.
  4. Should a member retire from the network or be asked to leave, the Network may choose to remove backlist authors and titles from this website. Should the Network choose not to do so, the member may request in writing, via the contact form or by email, that such removal of data takes place.