Location: Northampton

Michael Whitworth

Michael is a former banker from Lancashire originally, and though he has travelled and lived in many different parts of the world, he still considers it his home.
At university, Michael studied Chinese language and after graduating, lived in Japan for a while. Following a Masters in International Studies, he started a career in London, for the most part working in banking.
During his early years in London in the 90s, Michael wrote his first novel, which is still on a floppy disc somewhere. The Camel and the Butterfly is his second novel, but first to be published, and writing it has been a wonderful and thought-provoking experience.

Michael has also been an extra in films; climbed mountains in the snow; walked along the Great Wall of China and sat beneath the cherry blossoms of Japan. But if you ask him, Michael will tell you that none of these holds a candle to spending time with his wife and son.