Who’s Aldo?

Colin Burnett

Tippermuir Books



ISBN: 9781913836351


Publication date: 18 December 2023

Rights: World



Charismatic career criminal and Edinburgh antihero Aldo returns in this riotous, gritty, action-packed sequel to A Working Class State of Mind. Aldo is determined to become a better person. His best pals, Dougie and Craig, and the four-legged love of his life, Bruce the Staffy, do their best to keep him on the path to redemption, but his lawless nature and chaotic home life propel him into a series of comical, exhilarating, occasionally brutal adventures. On the way, he encounters a host of memorable characters and finds a new love. Trying to balance this romance, the expectations of his family and life on the streets turns out to be a bigger challenge than Aldo anticipated. Can he turn over a new leaf and still keep his title as the toon’s number one gangster? Who’s Aldo is captivating, tender, and laugh out loud funny. Imagine if Kelman, Welsh and Boyle collaborated to produce the ultimate Scottish working-class character – that’s Aldo!

Who’s Aldo: A Tale of Dugs, Drugs and Class
From the author of the acclaimed A Working Class State of Mind