What We Leave Behind – Hardback

Siôn Scott-Wilson

Deixis Press



ISBN: 9781739708146

Publication date: 26 May 2023

Rights: World



‘As powerful and addictive as the first outing of SiÚn Scott-Wilson’s personable Regency graverobbers  What We Leave Behind leads its reader through a beautifully-realised and immersive world of stark necessities amid exquisite squalor conjuring its Dandy-Horses resurrection-men and

its rich steaming London in a persuasively authentic eighteenth-century voice. This is the most pungent and rewarding thriller I expect to read this year – a sordid and electrifying triumph’


A gripping tale of redemption and the power of love set against the backdrop of a historical crime-ridden London…

In this highly-anticipated sequel to Some Rise By Sin Sammy and Facey are pulled back into the gritty world of London’s criminal underworld. This time the stakes are higher than ever as the fate of Sammy’s young adopted son hangs in the balance. Coerced into the hunt for a notorious gemstone Sammy and Facey are torn between their moral code and their desperate desire to save the boy.

As they navigate the dangerous streets of London they are forced to confront the weight of their actions and the legacies they will leave behind. Will they make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of the stolen child-and can they rise above the sins of their past?

Siôn Scott-Wilson

Siôn Scott-Wilson’s career as an advertising creative director has taken him all over the world. He’s won a few industry awards including a Scottish BAFTA nomination and worked with the likes of Sir Michael Horden, Harry Enfield, Brian Cox, Xena, Warrior Princess (Lucy Lawless). As a writer, his short stories have appeared in a variety of publications in the US, UK and Asia.