What They Heard: How The Beatles, Beach Boys and Bob Dylan Listened to Each Other and Changed Music Forever

Luke Meddings

Weatherglass Books

Paperback with french folds


ISBN: 9781838018146


Publication date: 30 September 2021

Rights: World



They were the artists who revolutionised popular music and took it to new levels of originality and influence. But they didn’t do it in a bubble.

In fact, The Beatles, Beach Boys and Bob Dylan remade modern music by listening to each other, and using what they heard to drive and enhance their own creativity.

 Using timelines derived from release dates, studio sessions and personal encounters, Luke Meddings reveals the paths of influence across an astonishing 4-year period between 1963 and 1967, in which these iconic artists cross-pollinated like crazy – via recordings, rivalry, rumours, artistic envy and quite a few drugs.

 Teeming with original, astute and often funny insights, What They Heard will change the way you listen to this music forever.