Twiggy Woman

Oein DeBhairduin

Illustrated by Helena Grimes

Skein Press



ISBN: 9781915017079


Publication date: 31 October 2023

Rights: World



From award-winning author Oein DeBhairduin, Twiggy Woman is a collection of ghost stories rooted in the oral tradition of the Irish Traveller community. Like a flickering lamp, these eerie tales illuminate the threads between our mundane outer lives and the mysterious, wild and spooky visions of our inner worlds. With his lyrical prose and rich perspective, Oein guides us into the darker corners of the mind, always with the comfort of knowing that we won’t be left there. Featuring chilling black and white illustrations by celebrated artist Helena Grimes.

Oein DeBhairduin

Oein DeBhairduin is a writer, activist and educator with a passion for preserving the beauty of Traveller tales, sayings, retellings and historic exchanges. Oein is the author of the award-winning Why the moon travels. His other works are Weave, The Slug and the Snail and Twiggy Woman. He is the Traveller Culture Collections Development Officer with the National Museum of Ireland and seeks to pair community activism with cultural celebration, recalling old tales with fresh modern connections and, most of all, he wishes to rekindle the hearth fires of a shared kinship.