The State of Us

Charlie Hill

Fly on the Wall Press



ISBN: 9781915789020


Publication date: 28 April 2023

Rights: World



The State of Us takes the reader from the twitching curtains of suburbia to the deserts of the Middle East, from the interior life of a street photographer to outer space, and back again. With an eye reminiscent of Samuel Beckett, the stories in it are often satirical, sometimes uncompromising and occasionally fabulous. What they have in common is a question – what are we doing? – and an answer that suggests we should look, more closely, at the state of us…

Charlie Hill

Charlie Hill is an internationally-acclaimed author from Birmingham. He has written long and short form memoir, and contemporary, historical and experimental fiction. He is the co-founder and former Director of a literary festival, the PowWow Festival of Writing, which ran from 2011 to 2017 and featured guests such as Joanne Harris, Alex Wheatle, Stewart Home and Natalie Haynes. He has also appeared at many such events, including Frankfurt’s Literaturm and the Birmingham Literary Festival.