The Old Ways

R.K Summers

Venetia Jackson (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781908600387


Publication date: 23 September 2015

Rights: World



Something snapped. He let the arrow fly.

The night Thomas Rhymer’s young sister is stolen away by shadows and smoke, he discovers there’s more to life than the fields and forests he knows so well. If he has any hope of rescuing Alissa, he must first cross into a realm where magic is lifeblood, and where shadows dance with dragonfire.

With the help of the seelie faery Thistledown, Thomas embarks on a treacherous quest, deep into the heart of war-raved Albion. But getting his sister back means pledging aid to Mab, the usurped Queen of the Old Ways, against the tyranny of the Dark Prince.

Yet danger and deceit lie around every corner, and some secrets are better left untold.

R.K Summers

Born in 1990, England native RK Summers is a great lover and hoarder of books. Her minor life goal is to read fifty books per year. Her major life goal is to be recognised in the street as “that author what wrote them books” or something to that effect. She would also like to one day pen a trippy and disturbing fiction featuring an alliance between Alice Liddell, Dorothy Gale, and Wendy Darling.In her free time, she enjoys purple things, baking, afternoon tea, book forts, old witchcraft, and Celtic folk music. Her vices include Marvel movies and video games.

She currently lives in the North East of England, with zero intentions of leaving her bleak, windswept, and salt-stung homeland.