The Hush

EA Mylonas

Daniel Watts (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781913117139


Publication date: 30 July 2022

Rights: World



It’s been years since language was outlawed. Speech, writing, all sacrificed for the sake of Unity.

A small-town teacher dying from cancer can’t remember the last time she spoke to her husband. Their life has been filled with resentment and tragedy, but burying their grievances in the silence helps them endure.

They both have hard decisions to make when Corvo – a living crime – breaks into their farmhouse. Unlike other children, her vocal cords haven’t been removed at birth. Words rush back into the couple’s lives and, for the first time in years, they’ll have to face the damage silence has done to them.

If that doesn’t destroy them, the town’s Sheriff will. She sees Corvo as a chance to regain some sanity in a world she herself helped make silent, and will stop at nothing to get her.

EA Mylonas

Evangelos is a photographer, writer and author of the speculative fiction novel “The Hush”.

Originally from Athens, Greece, he has spent the last couple of decades travelling and working through the world. In that time, he’s tended to wounded loggerhead turtles, baked bread for a Michelin-star restaurant and written dialogues for video games.

An environmental scientist by training, he is an advocate for the climate cause, sustainable living and anti-corporatism, which inspire his unique brand of literary sci-fi set twenty minutes into the future.

He currently resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the spot where the city ends and the forest begins. He spends his time trail-running, hiking and rock climbing.