The Dust Of The Red Rose Knight

James Bennett

Peter James (Introduction)

Books on the Hill Press



ISBN: 9781913603298


Publication date: 30 March 2023



Bawdy, humorous and magical, James Bennett bring us a queer Arthurian romance, which subverts and enhances the Arthurian literary tradition.

It befell in the days of Arthur Pendragon that there lived a thief and a lover of men called Tomas, the Red Rose Knight.

When Tomas O’Lincoln, half-fairy and outlaw, learns that knights from Camelot hunt him in the forest, he fears he must pay for his crimes. Desperate for shelter, the Enchantress sends him on a reluctant quest to find his way to the Fortress Impenetrable, deep in the darkling heartwood.

Only behind the high black walls of the Archimago’s castle will Tomas learn a Truth Most Vital and come face-to-face with his destiny… But is it a destiny he wants?