The Burn Street Haunting – Hardback

Richard Gadz

Deixis Press



ISBN: 9781739708160


Publication date: 31 October 2023

Rights: World





London 1973. A small-time crook is on the run – from the law from the local crime boss and above all from a horror that’s haunted him since childhood: a supernatural psychic entity that seeks to devour his soul. It’s crawled out of his memories and now slowly it’s emerging from his mind and into reality. So he believes but is it real? Are feelings of guilt about his most recent crime pushing him into paranoid delusions?


At the boarding house where he takes refuge he hopes to restart his life through his love for a fellow resident but his growing fear of the entity – and the imminent vengeance of London’s criminal underworld – threatens disaster for them both. When they find themselves at the entity’s mercy trapped in a bizarre menacing otherworld reality itself mutates into something truly evil…




‘Gadz brings the squalor of Victorian London to life…The fast-moving story maintains a good balance between the outright horror of gleefully gruesome scenes and the increasingly sympathetic character of the “monstrous” Maria as she learns what it means to be human’

Lisa Tuttle  The Guardian


‘Gadz nails the Gothic sensibility and Victorian-era characters and the story was practically dripping with atmosphere. Gadz nicely balances nail-biting action scenes with horrific descriptions of medical procedures and I can honestly say I was never bored… I loved every bit of it’

Books Bones & Buffy


‘I was completely captivated by these characters. One to read over a dark dramatic weekend’

Genevieve Jenner author of Chocolate Cake For Imaginary Lives


‘A remarkable book visceral and philosophical in equal measure. The perfect combination of big ideas and a rattling good yarn. Hell of a read’

James Kinsley author of Playtime’s Over and Greyskin


‘This is a superbly atmospheric novel imagined around the next generation after Frankenstein… Gadz’s novel is always convincing and placed authentically in its historical context. The believable well-drawn characters… draw us in and earn our interest and sympathy although some of the more gruesome details are not for the fainthearted. The plot is intricate full of action and very exciting with plenty of wonderful set pieces’

Rubery Award for Fiction – The Workshop of Filthy Creation shortlisted 2022

Richard Gadz

Richard Gadz was bolted together many centuries ago, in a secret laboratory hidden deep in the Carpathian mountains. Following a series of bizarre adventures he now lives in the UK, at Keynsham in Bristol, although he spends most of his time in a world of his own. He’s the author of the award-winning gothic chiller The Workshop of Filthy Creation, the highly acclaimed cosmic horror/urban crime novel The Burn Street Haunting, and, under his real name Simon Cheshire, the contemporary horror novel Flesh & Blood.