The Belladonna Invitation

Rose Biggin

Ghost Orchid Press



ISBN: 9781739611668

Publication date: 18 July 2023

Rights: World



Soprano, socialite, queen of the demimonde—the enigmatic Belladonna is the undisputed ruler of 1890s Parisian society. At her highly exclusive salons it’s an open secret that she plays poisonous games with select clientele. A printer’s apprentice, longing to enter this glamorous world, works her way through the Opera House ranks to become Belladonna’s indispensable assistant. But when a troubling affair with the wrong lover goes too far, the consequences turn deadly.

A luxurious gothic drama where everything is performance and illusion, The Belladonna Invitation asks: how far will we go to get what we want, and how much are we willing to let it change us?

Rose Biggin

ROSE BIGGIN is a writer and theatre artist living in London. Her short fiction has been published in anthologies by Abaddon Books, Mango, Jurassic London, Betwixt Magazine, Brigids Gate Press and Egaeus Press, made the recommended reading list for Best of British Fantasy (NewCon Press), and won the Dark Sire’s Gothic Fiction Prize. Her first novel WILD TIME (Surface Press) is a punk revision of pleasure and power in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

She is author of Immersive Theatre and Audience Experience (Palgrave Macmillan), she works as a performer across theatre and live art, and has recently joined the Creative Writing faculties at CityLit and Birkbeck.