Rodolfo Walsh’s Last Case

Elsa Drucaroff

Translated by Slava Faybysh

Corylus Books



ISBN: 9781739298937


Publication date: 5 March 2024

Rights: World English



A key figure in the politics and literature of Argentina, Rodolfo Walsh wrote his iconic Letter to my Friends in December 1976, recounting the murder of his daughter Victoria by the military dictatorship. Just a few months later, he was killed in a shoot-out – just one of the Junta’s many thousands of victims.

What if this complex figure – a father, militant, and writer who delved the regime’s political crimes – had also sought to reveal the truth of his own daughter’s death?

Elsa Drucaroff’s imagining of Rodolfo Walsh undertaking the most personal investigation of his life is an electrifying, suspense-filled drama in which love and life decisions are inseparable from political convictions as he investigates the mystery of what happened to his own daughter.

Elsa Drucaroff

Elsa Drucaroff was born and raised in Buenos Aires. She is the author of four novels and two short story collections, in addition to being a prolific essayist. She has published numerous articles on topics such as Argentine literature, literary criticism, and feminism. Her work has been translated into several languages.

She holds a PhD in Social Sciences and is a professor of Languages and Literature at the University of Buenos Aires, where she has taught for several decades.

Rodolfo Walsh’s Last Case is Elsa Drucaroff’s first novel to be translated into English.