Passageway (Hardback Edition)


Illustrated by Monge Han

Claire Beaver, Devon Borkowski, N. G. Bowie-Johnson, Emily Iseult Duggan, Olivier Faivre, Shane Griffin, Tom Jordan, Henrike Lehmeier, Anna Martin, Kurt Newton, Maria O’Brien, Raffaella Sero, Layla Sakamoto Sharifi, Poppy Sheridan and Deborah Zafer. Paula Dias Garcia (Editor); Sam Agar (Editor) and Marc Clohessy (Editor)




ISBN: 9781739138349


Publication date: 22 June 2023

Rights: WorldAudio



The paths of perception are thrown open, and new realities loom beyond – all that is left to do is to cross the passageway. New adventures, friends and foes, and whole worlds out there; all of that is being promised to those who cross the threshold. Without any guarantees, or without knowing what’s out there, we want to follow the journeys of those who dare to go beyond. In the fifth Sans. PRESS anthology, 15 writers explore what it means to face transformation – what new life they will encounter, and what they will have to leave behind.