Open-Air Cinema: Reminiscences and Micro-Essays from the author of Raise the Red Lantern

Su Tong

Translated by Olivia Milburn, Nicky Harman, James Trapp, and Haiwang Yuan

Sinoist Books



ISBN: 9781838905248


Publication date: 12 December 2021



By turns flexible and delicate, taciturn and effusive, this collection of memoirs and micro-essays project in filmic clarity the cool head, dry wit and social conscience that have made Su Tong the ‘master of implication’ among China’s leading writers. Ranging from street-level portraits of a boisterous and rapidly changing nation to quiet musings on humanity’s strange and secret compulsions, Su Tong offers a glimpse behind the curtain into the workings of a keen mind that helped shape the literary and popular culture of modern China.