Never Forgive You

Hilly Barmby

Hobeck Books





Publication date: 26 March 2024

Rights: World



Arriving at the station with her boyfriend Davey MacGregor and his twin sisters Ailsa and Juliette, Hetty, a thriller book addict, picks up on how tense the family is. But that’s natural before a big wedding. Isn’t it? Hetty feels out of her depth. The family are wealthy and well-educated, whereas she is a council house girl, with a comprehensive education. Out of all of them, she worries about Ailsa the most. The wedding is in Davey’s French family’s chateau. His cousin Isabelle is going to marry Jean-Jacques, a French politician with dubious right-wing affiliations. Ailsa is hesitant about coming back to France. Eight years ago, something happened that nearly destroyed the MacGregor family. But it was dealt with. At least she hopes it was.

Hilly Barmby

Hilly attended Central School of Art and Design in London and studied Graphic Design. After many adventures, she moved to Brighton, but, after teaching Design Technology for fifteen years, she gave it all up to relocate to Órgiva in southern Spain. Throughout, she has always been writing. Hilly has two psychological thrillers published in 2022 with Bloodhound Books and a YA dystopian novel published in 2023 with SpellBound Books (under the pen name is Billie Hill). Hilly has two psychological thrillers with Hobeck Books. The first was published in 2023 and the second will be out in 2024.