Emma Whitehall

Northodox Press



ISBN: 9781915179777


Publication date: 22 August 2024


Ignatia Heretical isn’t shaping up to be much of a Hero.

The daughter of the most famous Villain in the country, Ig is finding that no matter hard she tries, no-one at her illustrious Hero academy seems to trust her. Or, you know. Like her. At all. Her only friend is Pisces – the beautiful, popular girl she’s been hopelessly in love with since she started school at the Lunalist Academy For The Gifted and Talented.

However, Ig’s chance to prove herself comes when she’s signed up for a secret reconnaissance mission; infiltrate Shackleton School for Villains and work out their nefarious plans.

Pretend to be a Villain.

Make friends with an unhinged botanist, a mad scientist and his insufferable clone/lab assistant.

Find out their secrets.

Go home a Hero.

What could possibly go wrong?