Fate Rewritten

Dong Xi

Translated by John Balcom

Sinoist Books



ISBN: 9781838905736


Publication date: 25 October 2024



Wang Changchi shouldn’t be here. For generations, his family have dreamed of escaping their poverty-stricken village, with all hopes on him to finally make it out – but when he misses his chance due to a twist of fate, his only way into the city is by risking his life as an illegal construction worker. Even if his chance has gone, he can still stake it all on the next generation. The Wangs could finally have a winner – all it would take is a few words on the right documents. But the cost of rewriting fate could require giving up everything…

Dong Xi

Dong Xi, also known as Tian Dai Lin, is a Chinese, multi-award-winning author with notable works including the novels EchoResounding SlapRecord of Regret, and Altered Destiny. The novel Echo was awarded the 11th Mao Dun Literary Prize and his novella Life Without Words received the inaugural Lu Xun Literary Prize. The film adaptation titled Lover in the Sky, based on the same novel, was also very successful, winning the Best Artistic Contribution Award at the 15th Tokyo International Film Festival. Several of his works have been adapted into television dramas and his writings have been published and then translated into multiple languages. Dong Xi now currently serves as a professor at Guangxi University for Nationalities.