Down Days

Craig Hallam

Venetia Jackson (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781913117009


Publication date: 30 November 2019

Rights: World



This isn’t a self-help book. But I hope it will support you anyway.

Beginning as a therapeutic exercise that was never supposed to be read by anyone else, the Down Days blog attracted readers from across the globe with its blunt, honest and poignant description of what it’s really like to live as a creative with depression and anxiety.

Down Days tells it like it is; breakdowns, anxiety loops, awkward social situations, out-of-touch doctors and perceptive counsellors; what it feels like to lose everything, including yourself, and how it changes you.

But this book also proves that you can make it through, and that you aren’t alone.

Filled with pop culture references and dark humour, Down Days is an essential read whether you live with mental health issues or love someone who does.

Craig Hallam

Beginning his career with short stories in 2008, Craig’s tales have graced the pages of the British Fantasy Society, Misanthrope Press, Pill Hill Press, and Murky Depths. He has managed to avoid winning a single award in this whole time and has decided to take that as an accolade in itself, whenever the tears stop falling.

He likes to think that his books are about real people who live in impossible worlds. Whether his books are Fantasy, Horror, Steampunk, or Sci-fi, Craig loves to go wherever the stories may take him.

He hopes to see you hovering above one of his pages in the near future… and that he can eventually stop referring to himself in the third person.