Cherries on a Pomegranate Tree

Li Er

Translated by Dave Haysom

Sinoist Books



ISBN: 9781838905552


Publication date: 27 February 2023



In one-child China, when a mother runs from home because of her illegal pregnancy, it’s Kong Fanhua’s problem. She’s the only female village chief in Xiushui County, and her day-to-day tasks range from the mundane to the near-impossible: tracking down this runaway who left her twins behind, keeping rumours of a vengeful ghost at bay while trying to convince some rich American to invest in the local paper plant. Not to mention looking after her own farm and family. After all, the crops aren’t going to plant themselves. While the incompetent men in local government fail to get much done, Fanhua picks up the slack. But when higher-ups start investigating her hometown’s birth quotas just as she’s up for re-election, the squeeze is on. Can she keep all the plates spinning? Or will she resort to villainous tactics to preserve the peace? And why won’t her lazy husband shut up about camels?