But after the gig…

Tezz Roberts

Steve Pottinger (co-writer)

Ignite Books



ISBN: 9780993204463


Publication date: 1 November 2018



Tezz Roberts is a legend. The driving force behind UK punk band Discharge, and guitarist with a string of others. His story is unmatched for rocknroll excess.

Tezz Roberts

It started in Stoke, when Tezz and his friends founded Discharge.

Since then his roll call of bands includes the UK Subs, Broken Bones, Ministry, Battalion Of Saints, and The Business. He’s been a front man, he’s played drums. He’s taught himself bass, then learned to play guitar.

Now back in Stoke, and reunited with Discharge, Tezz Roberts is finally telling his amazing story. It’s one well worth reading. We’re very happy to be publishing it on Ignite.