Blue Tide Rising

Clare Stevens

Valeria Aguilera (Cover Design)

Inspired Quill



ISBN: 9781908600813


Publication date: 19 March 2019

Rights: World



“Somewhere in me a scream is rising, but I contain it. Just.”

Diazepam-fogged Amy isn’t the best person to investigate an unexplained death, but she’s the only one Jay can get through to.

On the run from her troubled past and controlling older (ex) lover, she winds up on a Welsh eco farm where she starts to rebuild her life, grounded by the earth and healed by the salt air.

But it isn’t just her inner self that she manages to uncover. There are living ghosts at Môr Tawel, and they’re as loud as the waters crashing over the shingle on the beach.

Amy’s new life has just started, and she’s already running out of time.

Clare Stevens

Clare grew up in the wilds of Somerset where she was fed a daily diet of ghost stories cooked up in her older sister’s imagination. This fostered a love of storytelling long before she could read or write.

Clare’s favourite writing time is first thing in the morning when she’s still half in dreamland. She also writes in cafes and other public spaces, drawing inspiration from the unlimited supply of human interest.

When not writing or working, she can be found walking Max, her inexhaustible springer/pointer cross, or heading off for weekends in Whitby (her spiritual home). She runs a half-marathon once a decade.