Alvar Theo

Haunt Publishing



ISBN: 9781915691095


Publication date: 2 October 2024


How do you fight for your life when your life isn’t worth fighting for?

Mask is in their early thirties, jobless, depressed and grieving. Moving into their grandmother’s now empty house, they realise they’re being haunted by something, something that wants to consume them.

V, a homeless busker with secrets of his own, recognises exactly what is haunting Mask. The Nothing. Working together, they must figure out why The Nothing is targeting Mask, discover what it wants and learn how to destroy it, before it destroys them.

Benothinged is an ambitious horror novel that confronts grief, isolation, mental illness, poverty and identity crises. Told with cleaver-sharp wit and insight, Benothinged will haunt and consume whoever ventures through its pages.