Anchor Point

Stan Nicholls

Books on the Hill Press



ISBN: 9781913603007


Publication date: 12 June 2021



Stan Nicholls brings a note of nostalgia of Heroic fantasy, with his signature storytelling, a tale of heroism and personal growth. One that can be read and re-read, always bringing a smile at the finish.The village of Catterby is beholden to no lord or lady. No one believes Lord Salex Nacandro, a sorcerer from far to the north, could be a threat. They’re wrong. Young warrior Kye Beven lacks confidence. Everyone – except Kye’s friend Dyan – questions how he was ever selected to join the ‘Band’, the elite protectors of the village. But when Catterby is menaced by an emissary of Nacandro, Kye reaches for his bow and steps up to the mark.