Miles Beard

Renard Press



ISBN: 9781804471043


Publication date: 14 August 2024

Rights: World



‘If you look closely you can still see some tear splotches on these pages, here and there.’

Following the death of his wife, Miles, an academic and hypochondriac suffering from acute anxiety, finds himself in need of professional help. Back in his native Scotland from a research trip to the US he conducted in the weeks preceding his wife’s death, his therapist encourages him to write a fictionalised version of his life in order to pinpoint the sources of his anxiety.

In penning this record of his memories, Miles reveals the complicated double life he has been leading – tortured academic by day, Internet troll hounding people under a pseudonym by night – and unsettling details surrounding the US trip begin to surface. As the narrative progresses, questions build as to what actually happened during the final days of Miles and Sarah’s marriage.

Americanitis is an extraordinary work that mercilessly blends fact with fiction and leaves the reader scrabbling for truth.

Miles Beard

Miles Beard lives in Edinburgh and teaches at the Open University in Scotland. Educated in the US and UK, he has degrees in music and literature and previously taught English and Creative Writing in Tallinn, Estonia where much of the novel was written. Americanitis is his first novel.

 Author portrait © Mick McGurk