A History of Irish Republicanism in Dundee c1840 to 1985

Rút Nic Foirbeis

Tippermuir Books



ISBN: 9781913836276


Publication date: 1 April 2024

Rights: World



A History of Irish Republicanism in Dundee, c1840 to 1985 charts the peaks and troughs of Irish and other radical activity in Dundee against a wider historical backdrop. It is the story of the struggle to establish an Irish Republic, and how support for that cause – including support for physical force – waxed and waned in the city over almost 150 years.

The first in-depth examination of Irish republicanism in Dundee, Rút Nic Foirbeis’ book identifies where the interweaving strands of radicalism, nationalism, republicanism and socialism converged and diverged. It explores dynamic tensions within and between the Irish national and other radical movements, along with the critical moments when national and social interests coalesced into a single struggle. A History of Irish Republicanism in Dundee is a milestone analysis of Dundee’s role in Irish Republican history and provides an engaging and gripping narrative and insight into a lesser known aspect of Dundee’s past. It will appeal to anyone interested in Scottish and Irish history and politics.