Haunted Voices: An Anthology of Gothic Storytelling from Scotland

Rebecca Wojturska

Read by Various authors

Produced by Offbeat Recording Studio

Extent: 04:50:00

Audiobook ISBN: 9781916234727

RRP: £9.99

Publication date: 25 October 2019


Scotland has a stunning tradition of oral storytelling, from the firesides of the nation’s legendary storytelling families to the physical and virtual platforms of today’s narrative performers. Scotland is also a place with a strange, longstanding affinity with that most chilling of genres: the Gothic.

Haunted Voices – a bold and ambitious anthology in both text and audio – showcases some of Scotland’s best oral storytellers, from archived stories of past masters to the work of contemporary performers, and their most disturbing tales of terror.

Expect monstrous tongue-eaters, shadowy demons, haunted video tapes, wicked priests, strange shapes in the darkness, a retelling of Poe’s The Raven… and more!

Scotland may be small, but it has many, many voices. So gather round and listen close. This is Haunted Voices: Scotland’s great Gothic chorus.

Rebecca Wojturska

Rebecca Wojturska is the Director and Publisher of Haunt Publishing. She has written three dissertations on Gothic literature. In her spare time she loves to read anything dark and spooky, write horror fiction as well as non-fiction about mental illness, play D&D, and crush her enemies at board games. She likes to think she would be the Final Girl (she wouldn’t be).