A Conspiracy of Lies

Frank Connolly

Read by Stephen Rea

Produced by Tom Lee

Mercier Press


Extent: 08:00

Audiobook ISBN: 9781781178805

RRP: €24.99

Publication date: 26 February 2024


‘A propulsive and gripping political thriller hewn from one of The Trouble’s darkest days, Connolly skilfully blends fact and fiction to arrive at something that feels blazingly true. A blistering read.’ —Noel O’Regan

An essential and disturbing novel that describes the bombing of Dublin 50 years ago with insights into the ensuing cover-up’ —Christy Moore

 ‘This is a vivid and absorbing fictional account of one of the darkest days ever visited on Ireland’s capital city’ —Justine McCarthy

 ‘A tender love story of two young Dubliners trying to survive the danger of the terrible political truths they uncover’ —Theo Dorgan


Three bombs shook Dublin in May 1974.

Angie and Joe meet in the wake of the single worst atrocity of the Troubles. Brought together by the effect of the bombings on their lives, these two young people set out to discover who is responsible, facing confrontation with dark forces in Irish and British society. As Angie and Joe navigate the aftermath of the bombings, their journey leads them deep into the underbelly of 1970s Dublin, a time and place rife with cultural and political turmoil. Together, they vow to uncover the culprits behind the city’s worst atrocity. Their investigation draws them into the shocking political and criminal landscape surrounding those in high places with the blood of innocents on their hands. The more they discover, the deeper they become involved in a world they don’t understand—and the consequences could be devastating.